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Indecent Music is the recording studio and production service owned by Hendrik David Gideonse XIX. Hendrik specializes in helping to write, record and produce music with vocalists, MC's and singer-songwriters. He has been mixing audio since 1991 when he started doing live sound production for Tufts University and he has been working here in the Medford studio since he built it in 1996.

Indecent Music is a project studio (photos) which means that it's big enough to record small bands live, track drums or acoustic upright piano (newly restored 70's Yamaha U-3 upright).

Recording Studio Lessons
More and more musicians are buying recording equipment so that they can record themselves. The idea makes a lot of sense. Why would you spend thousands on renting a recording studio when you can spend thousands on your own recording gear? Quickly most people discover that they lack the technical skills, critical listening, acoustics knowledge and isolated space to make great recordings. Hendrik has been training audio engineers since 1995 and teaching audio production at New England colleges since 2005. You can come to Indecent Music or we can come to your studio to train you in signal flow and vocal signal chains, microphone techniques, dynamics effects (compression/limiting/expansion/gating), EQ and filters, time-based effects (reverb/delay/modulation), how to install and connect your equipment, and how to mix. Contact us today (phone: (781) 710-4521) to set up an appointment.

Mixing Service
Many artists are tracking themselves at home and then have their music mixed by a professional using pristine analog signal paths and the best plugins that money can buy. You can have your project mixed at Indecent Music either in person or via Internet file-sharing . You can send files by CD, DVD or hard disk, or send files with YouSendIt. Prepping a Recording Project File for Mixing (PDF)

We Record the Following Genres of Music: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Singer-Songwriter and Acoustic, Chamber Music and Classical Concert Music, Small Jazz Ensembles, Big Band Jazz Ensembles, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Country, Blues, Contemporary Christian, Gospel and Spoken Word.

Hendrik tracks and mixes with Cakewalk's SONAR, which is the software with the highest quality audio of all Digital Audio Workstations, boasting a 64-bit signal path. SONAR can import and export files for use with ProTools, Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, ACID, FL Studio, Reason, Vegas, Reaper, Radar, Live and many others.

The recording studio is conveniently located in Medford, Massachusetts next to Tufts University. The 80, 94 and 96 buslines all have stops within a block of the studio. We will come to your location or your performance to record you as well. We provide live engineers to mix your band while you perform around Boston.

Our standard rate for independent artists is $45/hour. We offer discounts for 1/2 day and full days of recording. Complete Rate Information

Artists working at Indecent Music

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Expert Audio Recording and Mixing

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